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Mahakal Shiv: Why does Asaduddin Owaisi spew venom on Mahakal Shiv!



Mahakal Shiv: 2020 The biggest revelation that eyes are making today on the day of Mahashivratri, why Owaisi does not believe in Lord Shiva, does Owaisi, being a Muslim, remove his poison in our Hindu religion, will the train coming from Kashi or any train from India say to Muslims But it is not closed nor can it ever be closed, then why do Owaisi do this? Some people are raising the question that the tray going to Kashi Vishwanath Switch to why some box reserved but my question is whether God is Bholenath about Kashi express why so much commotion in the back of the true story you show people you see of course the video for more information.

Mahakal Shiv: 2020 


  • Why does Owaisi hate Lord Shiva?
  • If a seat of Kashi Express is given to Lord Bholenath, then why there is so much ruckus.
  • Owaisi is a very educated and learned Muslim in our country.
  • After all, why does it happen whenever you have seen Mohammedan Muslim, then whenever he wants to do his road or railway station or bus station, why does he read his namaz, why do we keep the road jammed?

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