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Motivational speech in English: 2020 ये बातें आपका हर दुख दूर कर देंगी|



Motivational speech in English

Motivational speech in English: 2020 Suffering difficulties in life There is no person in this world who has not faced sorrows or has not suffered, but it is up to you to face the family in all those situations when grief hurts you. The problem comes when everyone comes, then how do you take it? Friends, the sun does not shine like this, the sun has to burn like fire before it shines. What is it, even if there is a lot of trouble in life if we are going to tell you today, if you take it, then all the suffering in your life will be of only one name.

Motivational speech in English for Your Better Life: 

  • Love over hate: When you break your heart, you are surrounded by all these troubles and keep thinking about the day and day and keep thinking like that a lot of your time is wasted which you can get right If you want to live in life properly, then you always keep on choosing love because if you choose hatred, then due to that hatred you slowly burn and your time becomes sour.
  • Forgiveness over anger:  Remember, friends, when you fall or get angry with someone, then it burns from inside you, so if you fall in someone, then you remove it immediately. Because • If you hate someone unnecessarily  or because of a small reason, then you are ruining your life yourself, you should avoid it. If you want to forgive and choose one of anger, then you should always forgive.
  • Blessings over curse: remember friends whenever you think for someone that it goes bad with him, he dies, the accident happens to him or something, or not, but thinking that you are definitely doing that thing with yourself. Because they said that they have religion and what you will do will be your religion.
  • Smile over cry: Friends, one thing you will remember is that you will be chosen between Ismail and crying. If you feel that your daughter will also return to life due to your crying, then it is nothing but yes, whatever the children. Life can be spent laughing at him, so you should not always choose Ismail between these two. Motivational speech in English.
  • Peace on stress: You have to stay out of worry or you have to be attuned to anxiety, that is why, friends, learn to be happy only in what you get because what you have is not destined to others.
  • Happiness at heart: Never make your heart hurt by the behavior of people because if you do that, then every eighth person in this human being is not good, that’s why you do what you do if you explain to them. It is possible that you must explain it to him for some time but he should explain it within a limit.


  • kindness over jealous: Never be jealous of anyone. You should be kind; share happiness among you people. Nature will give you 100 times happiness.

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