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Movierulz: 2020 New Url Movies Leak website



tamil movie download

If you want to download movies from movierulz then you have come to the right place because today I will tell you how you can download your favourite movies from this downloading website before I tell you that this is a piracy website That is, as soon as any movies release, then this website uploads on its own website a few days before or after its release, then I will tell you about how you can download movies from this site. You this article Must read full because you may find the URL of the new site of movierulz today

I will tell you about movies

You can download it easily, so let’s start friends, know about this topic today.

Movierulz Tamil Telugu movies download:


Recently, the dabang3 movies were leaked so that you would have seen the download or Online of the movies using this website or another website. And if you want to download more new movies in the same way, then let me tell you that the old website of this site was banned by the government, due to which the government banned its old website like Tamilrockers. Due to this, the owner of tamilrockers brought his site with a new extension among us, so many people know that there is a lot of secret behind this site getting banned so that I will tell you further. 

Movierulz website new Url 2020:

Now I will tell you the secret of the link of its new website as you know that stealing of anything in this world is a punishable offence, due to which the government also stays against your mistake in the same way. It is all wrong to steal people and provide them for free, the piracy of any movies is an illegal way and it is also illegal in the eyes of the government, that is why the government bans all this website and piracy of movies Gonna do too Ni extension is to continue to change. So you can see below yourself how much all its movierulz website has been banned.

movierulz of infograph movierulz

How to Movies Download ?

You will get to download movies here in many languages such as Hindi, English, Telugu, Kanada, Malayalam, and in many more languages, you will find movies if you talk about picture quality, here you will be 360p, 480p, 720p, & 1080p to download.

 If you want to upload the original movies content in duplicate content on this website, then let me tell you that the piracy of any movies is considered an illegal, then let me tell you why you should not get caught in the piracy version of this site. If you do this, then you may have to pay a penalty of 3 years and a fine of 10lac rupees, if you do not get caught in the affair of a little money then it is better that you can get caught in a lot of trouble.

Movies Download from Moviesrulzs

If you are also thinking to download movies from this site, how to download movies from this site, then it can be an illegal way, along with it you can also steal personal data as soon as you enter a piracy website If you do, you will get to face a lot, as soon as you enter its website, then an error message will come in front of you, then some viruses will be installed in your phones so that your personal data can also be stolen if you do banking. You are not very heavy Loss can be paid so that your bank account can also be empty

How much income from this website?

If I tell you how much the owner of the website will earn from this site and whether he really provides us with the download in movies free, we are going to talk about this today, then I will tell you about its website 4 To 5 Lac daily traffic comes by setting up orgain and social website.

Now you can think how much the income of this website can be, if you want to know about earning of movierulz website, then by asking the owner of this site, I will tell you how much the income of this site can be, yet I will give your information to tell, the income of this website is about 15 to 20 lakh per months

You must also be coming to your mind that after all how does this website earn, it provides free movies to us, so let me tell you that whatever website is there to download movies, google has given a penalty to every one. While Google does not even show its ads on all these websites.

 Apart from Google Ads, there is such a website that allows all these websites to approve ads such as, popads, propeller ads media and there is also a very abstract website, due to which it works as a boon for which it Lo prints so much money.



Why is not download movies from piracy website

The government has clearly stated that no matter what the piracy website is like 9kmovies, Tamilrockers, Isaimini, Filmywap and Filmyzilla etc. If the police tracked all these sites while doing it, then you may have to pay a fine of 1years jail and 50,000 rupees. Because all these sites cause a huge loss to the film industries due to which the government also suffers a loss of 500 crore per year to the film industry. You can also think how big is the amount of your hard work is the result of someone else How will you feel if you eat, because of all this, the government can arrest the owner  visiter.


Owner and Admin of Movierulz

A few days ago, 5 people of this site were arrested, I will not tell you the name. As the police had said that one of these 5 was the owner of this site but the name was not disclosed as InLogo had told that they run a huge group in which many people work in this group but this The name of the owner of the site was not known, due to which the police department was also in confuse, how to find out the owner of this group, while the five people said that the owner of this site is someone else and these people own their salary bases. Of Do.

Legal website for movies downloading


 If you do not want to do this site, then I am going to tell you the name of some legal website, due to which you can download movies from here by paying some money, I believe if you are in trouble for some money, your life is in trouble Not only if it is good, then let me tell you about all these websites.


1. Youtube


This website is very famous in itself, YouTube has 2Billion Visitor active daily in the world, so from here you will get premium new movies in some money.



2.Zee TV


You must have heard about Zee Tv as if you get to see its channel on TV too, then you can download movies from here after youtube.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               




The Netflix website is a very big website in itself, here you will get the best movies at a low price, so you can download movies from here too.


According to Indian law, piracy of any original content is a punishable offence in the eyes of the government, you may also have to pay a fine of 5years in jail and 10lakh rupees. This website does not promote any piracy website nor its propagation This site does only share valuable knowledge to you, if you have any question, you can contact us.



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