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Nirbhaya case New Death Warrant: 2020 Hearing on the hanging of the culprits today, new death warrant may be issued



Nirbhaya Case New Death Warrant: 2020 Today I am going to tell you a piece of very big news for you people. Nirbhaya’s convict may be hanged today or he can be hanged today. It is being said that a new death warrant will be made in Patiala House Court where the trial is going to be held. A new death warrant will be created. On behalf of convict Pawan Kumar, the public prosecutor will keep Pawan’s side in every case, while Nirbhaya’s parents will hang the culprits only by hanging, the family says that all of them should be hanged as soon as possible, according to the court today May issue new death warrant report.

Nirbhaya Case New Death Warrant



  • Doshi Pawan has been provided the government by lawyers for the first time.
  • The execution of the convicts can be heard today. A new death warrant can be made against the culprits. Now it is to see when Nirbhaya can get the verdict.

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