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Pakistan and Deputy High Commissioner summoned by Indian action in PoK



Pakistan and Deputy High commissioner: 2020  The Pakistan Deputy High Commissioner was summoned by the Indian action in Pakistan. After firing from Pakistan. India. Has given a befitting reply to them. After that Pakistan has called the Deputy High Commissioner. Pakistan’s fury has become very high. He has, therefore, summoned the Deputy High Commissioner. However, after continuous firing on behalf of Pakistan. Hindustan gave a befitting reply from here. Pakistan has called the Deputy Commissioner of Hindustan. other than this. Of Pakistan. Of armies. And more. Strict restrictions have been placed. The army chief said that the situation on the border can worsen at any time. That is why we have to answer with full force. Are ready. Constant statements are coming from Pakistan after the citizenship law was enacted. And in many states of India. There is a commotion too.

Pakistan and Deputy High Commissioner summoned by Indian action in PoK

  • Pakistan intimidated by India’s action in Pok
  • Pakistan called India’s deputy high commissioner.
  • Pakistan after removing article 370. Wants to establish his right

  • Pakistan called Gaurav Ahluwalia.

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