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Patna Bomb: 2020 Breaking News Today. News of Patna Bomb, Samastipur Bomb Blast, Ram Mandir, CBSE Exam and Patna Cold



patna Bomb

Patna Bomb: 2020 Very big news that I am going to tell you about this morning in Patna at around 8:00 am is the explosion in a house which was caused by a bomb blast in a house in Ahra Salimpur area and its. There were a lot of losses around it as well. Two or three houses were also chested. so you. You can know what may or may not be the cause of this bomb blast? Behind it explode the bomb. About all these. Let’s talk in detail, if you want to know, then you must watch this video, show it through this video.

Patna Bomb: 2020 News of Patna Bomb, Samastipur Bomb Blast, Ram Mandir.


  • It is being told that the floors in which the bomb exploded were a 4-floor house in which the explosion took place on the third floor.
  • Residents there say that. This someone. Rogue plot.
  • 4-floor house in which Malwa has collapsed.
  • People there say that about 5 to 7 people who are injured have been injured in this. Due to this, all the people have just been admitted to the hospital.

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