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Ram Mandir Trust के ऐलान के बाद आजतक पर देखिए कैसा होगा राम मंदिर ?



ram mandir trust

Ram Mandir Trust has been announced in Ayodhya for a long time, so how will the grand Ram temple be told, we will tell you something about it, construction of Ram temple is going to be finalized within 3 months because 100 For years, according to the injustice of the Supreme Court, saying this is disputed, now the Ram Mandir trust is going to be final within 3 months because the trust we had was now complete soon. The construction of the Ram temple is going to be completed very soon, so you must read this entire article, if you want to know more  you must watch this video.

Some Factor for Making Ram Mandir Trust

  • The height of the Ram temple is 270 feet and its height will be 14, then you can see.
  •  This temple will be built according to two floors, due to which its height will be almost 18 feet Height.
  • Talking about the size of the temple, it will have a size of 2.75 lakh cubic meters.
  • You must have known that the day Ram temple was built, the day the Lord Ram was born.
  • But there is still some time in the construction of the Ram temple, you all know that its dispute has been going on continuously for many days and do not know how long this temple will be fully completed and will come before the public.

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