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Robot 2.0 full movie download filmyzilla | 2020 [Update]



❆Robot 2.0 full movie download filmyzillaAs of today, you must be aware that mobile phones have become a threat not only to humans but also to animal birds and many such species of birds were seen now that they have become extinct, so this film is Akshay Kumar believes that this is the biggest reason behind the animal birds which are going extinct, radiation is spreading due to mobile.

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In this film, Akshay Kumar wants to kill all the mobile users and on the other hand, Rajinikanth opposes it. Rajinikanth makes a very important contribution to saving the people, but the story of this story which takes me on screen in 2 to 3 hours. Even if I explain, it will fall short and you will not be able to understand.


But still, I will try to explain to you about this film, what are the acting drama roles played in this film and which is the acting that people liked very much and which is such an act, it made people explain too bad


Today I will tell you that if you watch this film, mentally gets very tired because when the film is tiring, there is something to be understood. I did not understand but still, I try to convince you

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  • When Akshay Kumar is born, he dies a few days after he is born, then a bird comes from the window of the room in the hospital, he sits on top of Akshay Kumar’s body and kills two or three beaks. And Akshay Kumar, who kills two and three, becomes alive.
  • Akshay Kumar starts growing up and he loves the bird very much and wants it too when Akshay Kumar turns 70 to 80 years old and keeps a lot of birds growing up where he lives.
  • All those sparrows are tied there and suddenly, one day a company with a mobile tower comes there and talks about installing a tower and after a few days a tower is installed there, Akshay Kumar also opposes this company. That there should not be a tower here because here I raise animal birds and this can cause a lot of damage and due to the radiation of the tower, Akshay Kumar’s bird is Slowly, everyone starts dying one by one and Akshay Kumar commits suicide on the same tower one day.
  • Now the soul of Akshay Kumar comes out of the place where he used to raise the bird, Akshay Kumar becomes a very big eagle which looks very good meditation.
  • Before Akshay Kumar committed suicide, he had gone to all the leaders and judges to say about it but no one had listened to it, due to which he hanged himself and Akshay Kumar starts killing them all one by one as a soul. Robot 2.0 full movie download filmyzilla.
  • Even the mobile phone which works in the markets becomes an eagle and kills it and all the mobile phones around the world fly into the air and cling to the body of Akshay Kumar. Becomes an eagle.
  • It is said in this film that there is probably some outside force that is taking away all this mobile from all of us because he wants to know how Hindustan promoted mobile technology.
  • It may be that its director Shankar Saheb has forgotten that all the mobiles outside, whether it be Nokia, Samsung or Apple, all the big brands are from foreign companies.
  • And after some time, the film becomes interval, after the interval, one of the mobiles which is made after the mobile, Akshay Kumar’s face is seen on the mobile.
  • Now the same kind of fight starts in the second half and the fight of Akshay Kumar starts again, now Akshay Kumar becomes an eagle of some other kind, takes the form of a ghost which you will also be scared to see.
  • The scientist who is a robot also acts like a robot and all of them also become a robot.
  • Akshay Kumar keeps killing all his enemies but he does not kill Scientist.
  • Now or the film comes to the climax and the film starts in a field where people go to play football. Now both Akshay and Rajinikanth start fighting there.
  • Now it becomes a good thing to be mobile again and start fighting with Rajinikanth, then Rajinikanth becomes an iron robot like the gas cylinders motorcycles all over the city all get stuck in Rajinikanth’s body.
  • And all the people sitting there are blown away and no one has the power to stop there, even Shankar Ji must have forgotten what to do after this.
  • So many of the small robots come in the form of Rajinikanth and on the other hand a lot of small robots of Akshay Kumar also come and all the robots of Rajinikanth come on a pigeon, thinking that Akshay Kumar stops fighting with him. And thinks if I take it all the birds will die then it leaves the ground and runs away.
  • People who are watching this film are really mentally mad that what has happened, brother, everyone has fooled this film.
  • Talking about the dialogue of this film, in this film, you will not get to see the dialog too.
  • You will not get to see the song anywhere in this film.
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Action Acting & Direction


The action in this film has been seen as a very comedy when there is a comedy in this film, neither the public laughs nor can speak anything, now you can tell which comedy film will be in your face after watching it Won’t laugh


In this film, there can be no talk of acting in this film with the four robots.


The direction of this film is very poor and too many people have been fooled. I think this director must be punished for at least 10 years in the crime of fooling people.


A total of 600 crores have been spent to make this film, so you can come and spend all 400 crores to make a film like Bahubali, but which director spent so much money to make this nonsense film.

➢ Robot 2.0 full movie download filmyzilla:

If we talk about the story of this film, then this story is from a duel between men and birds.) So let’s know what this story is about. In this story, once a man was surrounded by birds that he hanged and gave his life. On the other hand, Wassergen (Rajinikanth) gives his students a robot called Neela (Amy Junction). It is only then that suddenly all mobile phones start flying in the air, before this, some of TN’s mobile phones flew into the air before something was detected. An emergency meeting is called by him. Wasferren again spoke of bringing Chitti, who had already separated in 2010. With the talk of Wasferon, Professor Bohra’s son, Dhirendra Bohra, opposed Wasferran’s opinion and the council proposed to seek help in the matter, in which case, the mobile phone group also attacks the army. Not only this, Jayant Kumar who along with selling mobile phones also attacks owner Ranjit Lula, thus the state telecom minister is killed by mobile services. The then Home Minister Vijay Kumar immediately ordered Washigar to avoid further incident to chitti. chitti chases a swarm of mobile phones and is hit by a crow that starts quarreling between them, Chitty runs out of batteries and finds a source of electricity and then transmits three large signals. Is, but the crow is not known in the area of this change, which Vasigaran is surprised to see.

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Through Chitti it becomes known to Vasigaran that if those parties are getting some negative energy from others which are related to humans or some birds. Vasigaran uses an antenna to control the birds. When the process is 50 per cent, the birds become weak and take the form of humans. Who mentions his name pakshiraj (Akshay Kumar).

It was later revealed that Pankshi rajan was an ornithologist. who loved birds and had many birds, but the growth of mobile phones in cities and the accompanying increase of emissions had killed all his birds. Pakhirajan points to many but no one listens to him. Later all their birds die and Pakshirajan also commits suicide, later their life together takes the form of life of dead birds, which regains control over the mobile phone. In Chitti and Pakhirajan, people are not asked to die, but Pakhirajan denies this and attacks Chitti. To avoid Chitti, he turns on the antenna again and weakens Pakshirajan. Recognizes and orders him to build several robots. Due to this, Dhirendra is burnt and Pakshirajan is freed from captivity, then Pakshirajan enters the body of Wasferon. Know that Chitti’s attack does not appear to attack people as he does not want to kill Vsigrn and Pankshiraj gives the benefit of taking the letter personally stree full movie download filmyzilla, parmanu movie download filmyzilla, filmyzilla 2018.

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How is  Robot 2.0 full movie download filmyzilla made and what happened after stripping Chitti?


Further know – Neela (Amy Junction), the robot, takes Chitti back to MBA and joins her body back, after being separated by Pakshirajan. Replaces Chitti’s micro tweet with Bohra’s red chip and thus Chitti now becomes 2.0. Robot Neela just forces Chitti to die and Chitti makes a lot of robots like him and goes to a football field where a bird lives. During this time there is a fight between the two stars, but she leaves the power station after Chitty’s battery runs out, meanwhile, the microboats gather together and form Chitty, a small Chitty 3.0, – all white. I have pigeons. But when they sit there, they attract Pachhi Rajan attention and separate his grace from vashikaran. Microbots carry Pachirajan’s voice to the antenna until the end. Lakhvijay Kumar says that Pakshirajan was a man who suffered from Brisht society. Friends, the purpose of this story was that we should use the mobile sparingly and we should also try to protect the birds that listened to their sweet sweet songs in the morning. But in today’s time, when the mobile is more, we get lost in the birds chirping, listening to the sweet song in the morning filmyzilla Bollywood movies.


There are many sites from which you can download movies for free such as: 


The end……

Made in 2018, Shankar’s film Robot 2.0 is a Koi-1 fictional film in India. It is authored by Shankar and Jaymohan. This is the second part of the robot. The film stars actors Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson and Rashtra AR Rahman. The film was released in 13 languages. Robot 2.0 full movie download filmyzilla

Let the people know that the cost of this film was 563 crores i.e. 82 million seen in US dollars and the total turnover was 700 crores i.e. $ 102 million. Now, if we talk about this review, then on the first day, it grossed about 118 crores worldwide, which has become the sixth highest-grossing film in India. Talking about the character of the film, Rajinikanth – two Vasigaran, Chetty 2.0 and 3 .0, Akshay Kumar – played by Dr Richard and Pakshirajan and told that Sudhanshu Pandey – Dr Bohra’s son and Prem Khan who is the Invisible Robot role played.Robot 2.0 full movies download filmyzilla

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In this story, a man surrounded by birds who hang up and loses his life, and on the other hand, Vasigaran was showing his students a new robot Neela (Amy Jackson). is. And all the mobile phones of the city are to be blown up, only the government meeting is called and Vasigaran proposes to bring Chitti back as Chitti was banned in 2010 but Professor Bohra’s son, Dhirendra Bohra protests And the Counseling decides to seek help from the army, but the army is also suddenly attacked by a swarm of mobile phones and in the house to avoid damage The woman (VK)) gives orders to the letter on the Vsigrn without permission and only the letter reaches the edge of the herd river  chasing mobile phone. And letters filmyzilla Bollywood.

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There is a fight between T and Pankhi Rajan, and the fighting Chitti’s battery runs out and he starts to find a source of electricity, then he sees three big signals. Even then, we do not know the communication near which Vasigaran is surprised to see Gaya. It is known to Vasigaran from the letter that in the disguise of birds, Pakhirajan (Akshay Kumar), who loved the bird more, only Vasigaran finds that the bird was not a zoologist who had many birds in his house but With the increase of mobile phones, the number of towers has increased, and along with the increasing dangerous waves, the life span of many birds started to decrease, and in our life in the morning – morning side. To quantify. Lost the impression of seeing and in the end Chitti prepared the third robot by 3.0, from the sidewalk to the cricket ground where the lives of hundreds of humans are at risk. A redeemer arrives who eventually dies of favour with Chitti. If you like this post, share it with your friends.Robot 2.0 Movie Review.Robot 2.0 full movie download filmyzilla.



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