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Saurav katara: नम आंखों से दी गई शहीद जवान सौरभ को अंतिम विदाई, 16 दिन पहले ही हुई थी शादी|



saurav katara

Saurav Katara: 2020 Married on 4th, joined duty on 15th and Saurav was martyred on 23rd in an encounter and on 25th Januaryuary gave the tribute of Saurav, his villagers and his leaders came to pay homage to him. Who could not get water in hearing his pain, his father did not lose his courage, he said, my son is in a state of harmony, I am very proud of my son, I have also fought Kargil many times. Dad was also up for this, you must watch this video for more information…Read More

Some pain of Saurav katara also

  1. Lal of Bharatpur was martyred two days before his birthday.
  2. Saurav katara hits by bombing in srinagar.
  3. Saurav was married on December only.
  4. Returned on duty on 15th December.
  5. Did not know that now Saurav will come back sometime.

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