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Seconds in a day: Those 7 days of doom … what happened in Delhi?



seconds in a day Today I am going to tell a piece of very big news. 7 days ago, something was happening in Delhi that spoiled the appearance and appearance of the capital of India. We can see how people are being beaten up and rioted. Now you can imagine how it can be happening, hardly anyone has seen Delhi weeping in such a way because some incident happened in Delhi, which made all the people more aware. This video must see what has been said everything in this video how to Now

seconds in a day

  • So far about 45 people have died in Delhi and its number is increasing continuously and people are getting thirsty for each other’s blood every day.


  • Until the time was till then nothing had happened but when the sequence was gone, after that all the uproar started in North Delhi which you will see and go to the Chowk

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