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Starvation: 2020 उपवास खोलते समय रखें 8 बातों का ध्यान




Starvation: Friends, I am going to tell you about very good news. Whenever you keep a fast, then you must definitely apply these 8 things in your daily routine. If you do not take care of these 8 things, then you are victim of some serious illness If you can, then keep in mind that this 8 things which are in the following way that I will tell you today, then you must watch this video for more information so that you can get better Mr. to understand way and breaking their fasting may take care of all these things.

Starvation 8 tips for every people

  1. Whenever you keep a fast, you should never eat food in full if you suddenly eat it after having an empty stomach all day, then you may have a stomach ache or that you are suffering from some serious illness. 
  2. After fasting for a long time, drink a glass of water before fasting and only then break the fast.
  3. Before breaking the fast, you can take Lemon Juice, coconut or seasonal juice, which helps cool the stomach and increase your appetite and also helps indigestion.
  4. Try to get as much protein as possible so that your body always gets blown away.
  5. After fasting, you should always avoid oil and spices or fried things, because overeating can be harmful to you.
  6. You can eat gourd luffa, tomatoes, ladyfinger, pumpkin, etc. in vegetables, if you want, you can also use curd after eating, it brings cold to the stomach.
  7. You can also use fruits with curd, if you use chopped fruit then it is better for you.
  8. You can eat upma made of mixed flour, but keep in mind that after breaking the fast, you should eat only a small amount so that the food easily passes….More info

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