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Top 10 Places in India you are NOT allowed to visit | भारत की 10 जगह जहाँ इंसानों का जाना मना है



Top 10 Places in India

Top 10 Places in India : 2020 What can you guys think? There are some places in India where humans are completely forbidden. If you do not know. So today I will tell you. There are some places in India where the government also forbids everyone to go. But if you are a scientist? Doing this research. So for this, you have to go for permission from the government because it is strictly prohibited. There is someplace in India where humans cannot go completely. This was to keep him going. Permission has to be obtained from the government. You will think about how you are talking because someone has to go anywhere in India. Not forbidden because we are independent. So how can this happen? So it is going on. We tell you through this video which places you are not allowed to go.

Top 10 Places in India you are NOT allowed to visit: 

Barren island has an active volcano where. You will be scared to see from far away because the volcano is always coming out here and if there is a mistake like fire, then your true friends would like you to go to a place where you are fighting between life and death.

Aksai Chin between India and China. Akash Chin because India says it is Jammu Kashmir. K. Falls nearby. And China says that it falls around Ladakh Key or Chin says is in our area. The line of control of the LOC also remains here. It is a cold desert place. India believes that it falls in the Ladakh regions of China. But still what has emerged from here is Lakh, ie Line Accessory Control.

GP Block:  GP block is a haunted bungalow built next to Meerut. Where people believe that there is a king and a queen. People were killed here after the road accident. They refuse to go inside because their soul keeps roaming in this block, that is why people say that nobody goes here. People there say that a woman has been seen walking here wearing a red sari.

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