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Tropic of cancer in India: 2020 | कैंसर पैदा करने वाली 5 चीजें जिन्हें आप हर रोज खाते हैं



Tropic of Cancer In India

Tropic of Cancer In India: 2020 We all know that if we want to stay alive in our life then the right food is very important for us, the right food is very important for our health, but in this right food, sometimes we eat such things. Due to which we get a very bad effect on our health, then friends, today we will tell you that if you consume these 5 things, then be careful because with these 5 things You can have a very serious disease called cancer, friends, today we will tell about these five things, if you want to know more about them, then you must watch this video completely because in this video you will be very well If you have been told in detail, then you must see once…More Read

Tropic of cancer in India Tips for better health


  •  If you use incense sticks in homes, then you would not know how it can take you to the mouth of cancer because friends, cancer caused by incense smoke reaches our lungs where there are many diseases. There is a danger.
  • You must have heard about a disposable cup of water, but in many places, it provides hot things in the disposable cup. As soon as any hot thing falls on the plastic material, some part of the plastic is heated. The reason is melted, which we ignore and this can lead to cancer later on.
  •  mosquito repellent or coils you must have used at home to kill mosquitoes, but do you know if burning them in your homes can kill you too yes friends this is true because this mosquito killing coil is you Can be killed anytime because the chemical used in it, with the help of smoke, can gradually reach you to cause cancer.
  • The chemical that can be burnt around the house or we can eat polythene which is a chemical product and that chemical can also cause cancer.
  • If you want to avoid all these things, then you use only natural things because we can live a healthier and longer life than what nature has created for us.

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