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Trump In India: 2020 Modi-terrorism-cricket and Bollywood, what did Trump say in his speech?



 Trump In India: 2020 US President Donald Trump once again enhanced the relationship of friendship with Modi ji, then you people can think that when two such big countries meet together, what will be the superpowers of these two powers, you can understand very well. Donald Trump has extended friendship with Modi ji to eliminate Muslims and fundamentalists because when two friends will be deep friends among themselves then in any further work It will be a matter of seeing to go 10 forward over the world came as a shock to no one can impede putting the country because of two great Power.


 Trump In India: 2020

  • Both Modi and at night praised each other very much for how to take this country forward and how to increase the confidence of the people and who will take the country forward.
  • America’s relationship with India is constantly getting stronger.
  • You must watch this video for more beauty because this video explains how these two countries are going to become a superpower.

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