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Vardaat murder: 2020 Incident See how the murder mystery occurred from Operation Face



Vardaat Murder: 2020 Today, I am going to tell you a story that will make you feel astonished after hearing this story of a corpse that is lying on the side of a road like this, thousands of vehicles come but someone’s attention is given to this corpse Does not go up and then later the police is informed and the police arrives on the spot and the police are involved in the investigation of that corpse, now the police do not understand who finally identified the corpse If the body is to have been burned so badly that it is impossible for him to identify it, but the police know about it is whose end or advantage was or were to die.

Varddat Murder 2020 

  1. The body was dead but not the face of the best police officer of the world, it has been shaken after seeing the corpse, now the police have found out who has been killed.
  2. The murder took place but the murderer is not known, but the police tried very hard to identify the corpse for the entire 3 months but that attempt could not be successful but now the police themselves have come forward to give its face.
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