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Viral Video: 2020 |What is the truth of this video going viral on social media?



viral video

Viral Video Kuran: 2020 Can read the Quran cure coronavirus disease? Because the Chinese Prime Minister said that if we read the Quran, then he can end the coronavirus. There is so much truth in this and how many lies you can see through this video. Because these videos are becoming very viral on social media. And you must share it with other people. Because the coronavirus is a virus that has caused the whole world to become havoc and the virus has become a deadly virus. All people in China have been told that reading the Quran can avoid the treatment of coronaviruses. Now let us see how much truth is there in this thing that they are becoming more popular and more popular. You should share this video as much as possible so that everyone can know what is the truth about this video. If you read the Quran.

viral video: Truth of the video

  • Doesn’t the coronavirus come from reading the Quran?
  • There is so much truth in this Quran which the Prime Minister also believes. you. You can guess through this video.
  • Will coronavirus end by offering prayers?
  • Will coronavirus destroy the lives of us.
  • After all, how long will this virus destroy our lives?

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