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Virus Corona: Outbreak 21 Countries Confirm Cases



virus corona reached 21 country

Virus Corona: 2020 The impact of coronavirus so far in 21 countries. Has arrived. This virus is constantly raging all over the world. Due to which people are getting very upset. And some 3 stranded students of India have been brought to India from China who was students of India. If they show signs of having a corona virus, then check it immediately. In the hospital. Was admitted. So after investigation, he said that his result was negative due to which 3 days admit.

After doing this, he is dismissed from the hospital. Chennai including Delhi, Hyderabad Bangalore Kochi. Orissa and also. The city is showing signs of getting infected. Arrangements are being made to bring children of India to India through 2 flights from India.


Virus Corona reached 21 countries:

  • Thailand
  • France
  • Germani
  • China
  • UAE
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Europe

Do not balance even in India. What is the place of the meeting? Because of which this virus has so many people. It has been engulfed and together it is going to engulf the whole world and see how long this virus stops.


Symptoms of Coronavirus:

  • There is severe pain in the head. The headache is equal. Those people who always have pain in the head, then they should get the hospital checked.




  • Runny nose, pain in the head, fever, frequent sneezing, due to which you should get them checked up.




  • Lungs swell if you get swelling.




  • Avoid going to the meat market to eat Buchhar You should not eat meat right now.




  • You should never eat half-fry meat.

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