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Corona virus: China में लोगों से Non Vegetarian Food छोड़ने को कहा जा रहा है।



virus in china

Corona virus: About 170 people have died due to this virus and not knowing how many people will be killed in China, the number of people who die from this deadly disease is constantly increasing. In the last 24 hours, this virus has killed 38 people and about 100 people are suffering from this viruses. If we talk about people together in China, so far 1,400 cases have been reported. The condition of chine is getting worse day by day, the President of his army also called the people of the army and in order to save the suffering people in any way, chine is constantly trying to find out the reason for spreading this virus...More Read.

corona virus: follow some tips for protecting your self.

  1. Wherever you go, you must apply a mask in your face, you get a lot of help in avoiding it.
  2. If you are still eating nonveg, then you can become a seeker soon after this disease, because before humans  they also live in animals, if you eat their moss then you can fall prey to this viruses.
  3.  People who are suffering from this virus, you do not stay with it for long, otherwise, you can get this virus soon.

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