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wall World’s 2nd Longest | Full Details [Best knowledge]



World second Longest Wall

World’s 2nd Longest Wall  | Full Details [Best knowledge]  

Hello Friends, today we are going to talk about taking the wall as you may have known that the longest wall in this world which is in China is named The Great Wall of China but do you know that the world In which country is the second longest wall in India, if you do not know, then you should read this article completely, today I will tell you that the longest wall in the world is in which country?


The second-largest wa ll in the world after The Great Wall of China is living in India. Friends, if you do not know, then know that it is in Rajashthan India, which is a w.all from Udaipur Rajashthan to Kumbhalgarh Fort. This wall was made in Kumbhalgarh district, which could be completely safe for the fort.

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If you talk about the length of this wal, then it is 36km in length, which is the 2nd largest wa ll in the world. If we talk about its width, then its width is 15feet, on which two cars can run easily, then you can guess that Or how strong will it be


Talking about Kumbhalgarh Fort, this fort was built by Raja Kumbhalgarh, so that it was named Kumbhalgarh Fort, in which Maharana Pratap was also born in this Kumbhalgarh Fort.


This wall is so big that 300 ancient temples have been installed inside it, if we talk about the door of this wa-ll, then it has 7 doors and it revolves around 360 temples, if we talk about the temple, then there are 300 Jain temples in it. And besides this Hindu temple is established


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If we talk about its height, then its hight is at an altitude of 1100km from the seafloor. So I have told you about the Second Largest wal in the world, I hope you will like this post, you should share it with your friends and family.

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