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BMW vs Mercedes: 2020 Who is the best of both[update]



bmw vs mercedes

Today we will talk about basic that which better car will be for you, if you are also thinking and which better car will be for you, then you will have seen many results online and offline in search of this, today I will tell you which one for you Taking a car would be best and which one is not but BMW vs Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes are like a twin brother so that you will not be able to guess as if there is a difference of mind between the two brothers, in the same way, its brand is also different. These two brands are such a famous one as there are two jugglers. In truth, both these brands are such that when the name of the people touches the sky, the best car in the world will be known today. So you must read this article carefully.Mercedes vs BMW

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Mercedes Benz S-Class Vs BMW 7 Series

Today we will differentiate who is more luxurious than both of us, so let’s see who is the king of this world

Mercedes Benz S-Class

There are many such parts in it. First I will tell about its LCD screen. It has two very beautiful front handles with an LCD screen which improves its looks even more. It is a very simple and standard designed. If you see it even after 10 years, then you will not see it like outside design, but its brightness remains the same but its features

 And the colours will also look the same in the Mercedes Benz S-Class.

Wireless charge in Mercedes Benz S-Class

Talking about its wireless charger, it has a very good wireless charger, you will see this charger on both front seats and back seat where you can charge, they are very comfortable and convenient.

Steering of   BMW vs Mercedes 

There are two small touch-pad in its steering so that you will control the left screen with the left pad and from the right pad you will control the right screen which is very easy and comfort it is very good cabin but the sensing factor in it There is no technology in it, but simplicity is also maintained at the same time. If you purchase this car, then the best sit for you remains behind because the comfort of this car is very good behind it. The pillow that is given is very soft Appears as if you are in the car, including normally be reached to heaven anyway, but it is not Because of the manufacture of much better facilities at this site

A TV screen in Mercedes Benz S-Class

In this, you will get to see a TV screen in the front of all the sits, out of which you can control both the TV from the same remote, along with two headphones are given to you so that you can disturb someone completely. Can do

It only works with TV, you can not connect it with your phones. Backseat passengers have many control features like you will get to see the face with mirror with light on your head. You can open and close the blinde in the same way, you can also open all the windows and if told, the facility of backseat is very much when you buy this car only then you can enjoy it real Which is the best facilities You can back the front seat with the button control so that the sit back becomes forward, in this you have the option of footrest so that you can travel while sleeping comfortably, if you have a habit of doing something, then you have laptops in it. There is no means to keep it, that is not why if you sit on the same back sit, you can enjoy it in its comfort zone, its music system is very fantastic. So let’s go to the 7 series.

BMW 7 Series

Normally you will sit in reflexives, then you will get the interstitial of BMW vs Mercedes  you will expect and facility here this gives you these are more advantages and more classic style some satisfaction here. It gives you wages and also free of your leather brown colour.

In this, you have good and comfort & facilities, plus you get to keep the necessary items in a box type in the middle of the front seat.

BMW lcd screen


In this, you will not see the touch screen, in this you touch screen regular which comes to their touch drive, that is why the people of Germany believe that if you see the touch screen while driving, then you have a problem in the drive, then you drive music with eye drive and steering. You can control the system in this too, you will get to see many features like you can see in Mercedes.

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It also has a very high-quality touch and materials, I have told you about broadly comparison, which is the basic difference I get to see.

So everyone knows that BMW is a pleasure of driving and in the old 7 series, there were many problems in the backseat in long travel, but the BMW company has maintenance many features, its update car is very good and strong

If you comment on me, then I compare many trains

I will be like BMW vs Audi, german car brands, BMW vs Benz & BMW Benz and so many different you can tell us by commenting and friends, if you like this post, then you must definitely share seven of your friends so that it Also know what is the difference between the two

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