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How to change mobile number in SBI: 2020



How To Change Mobile Number In SBI: 2020 Today I am going to tell you how you can change your number in the SBI account, then update it. Earlier this type of facility was not available because earlier the bank had to change the number and had to wait for 1 to 2 days. At that time, your number was updated or changed, but now that process has not gone. Because now the changes have been made and in SBI bank account you can change the number from mobile sitting at home, then you can watch this video for more information so that you will know very well how you know your mobile number sitting at home Can change Mobile no in SBI.

Step by step process. How to change mobile number in SBI

First of all, you will log on SBI’s man website, whose number I will give to you people, you can go by clicking from there, then you can see what is the new number of SBI and you can go to it and get your mobile number Can get updated.


  • Step 1
How To Change Mobile Number In SBI

After that, you started an option of internet banking where you have to do it. Enter your ID and password and then enter it. As soon as you are logged in, after that, you have to write the option of the profile above and you have to click on it.

As soon as you click on the profile, you will get a lot of detail, out of all of them you have to go inside the personal details, after clicking the button you will have to enter a profile password, after that, you can enter.

  • Step 2

How To Change Mobile Number In atm

After that, the name that will remain in your account here, then the name appears here and your email id and your mobile number stays here.

Step 3

Here you can update your mobile in three ways, first is through OTP and secondly by going to branch and third you can update your mobile number from ATM.

how to change registered mobile number in sbi

As soon as you click on the change mobile number, you will get to see two options here. It will ask you for new numbers which you have to enter, after that, I confirm you put this number again and then send it to send.

1 via OTP on both mobile numbers


2 IRATA Internet Banking request approved through ATM


3. Approval through the contact center


  • Step 4 

You can do this through ATMs from the beginning. Or you can make changes through the contact center.

As soon as you change through the ATM, it will give you a description of your account. And your name card status is online.

  • Prove that you have to click.
  • Step 5: 

  • After that, you should fill the card number. Submit Expiry Date and Card Name and PIN

After that, you will take it to another page, after that you will have to pay. Click then give you a guideline. If you want, you can read some guidelines from the picture, then forwarding to you, after writing it active, then take the 8 digit O buffer that came in your phone and will make you 13 digit reference number Sensex after that. You will be activated in 4 Hours.

For more information, you must follow God, you can watch the video well because you have been mentioned well in the video and if you understand it quickly, then definitely share with you and I will share this with you guys. the way. Good article Comes.

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